Top 5 Dating Tips For Men

#1 – Skip the big city chicks with “careers” – easy to get dates with, the easiest, but none of these dates will ever go anywhere.  These women were basically told to act like men and it has polluted them, which is sad.  This has been happening for a couple decades now, she ends up with a boring career, no kids and nothing any man wants from her past 35.  They’ve been bleached by what the media and fake liberal education has been telling them since birth.  The sad part is they wake up to this scam sometime in their 40’s after their ovaries are long dried up and they realize they fucked up – royally.  The same scam has told men to not act like men, which women don’t want, and you get a super duper cluster fuck – which is todays dating world!

#2 – Never meet any chick with just head shots – she’s a fatty and even if you are fine with what you “think” she weighs, its a safe bet to tack on another 100~ lbs.  I speak from experience.

#3 – Let her chase you – if out of this mine field you actually find a chick you like, chill the fuck down!  You are going to make sure she likes you, but you aren’t going to blow her phone up with lame texts or be a needy cling bomb loser, its the biggest deterrent to attraction.  The movies ^ are fake!  The loser that tosses stones at her window gets the cops called on him in real life.

#4 – Never take dating advice from women – Women are emotional beings, if you ask for advice she’s just going to project what she wishes her boyfriend or husband would do for her in that situation, not you with some strange date.  Seek answers out online, from men, if you are stumped – dont ask Becky whos been married for 27 years – actually, no, do this – ask the married chick what to do as well as the girl that has a boyfriend and even the single girl.  Watch how different each answers are and then realize what’s really going on.

#5  – Quality over quantity – Its easy to get dates if you have some decent pictures, an okay bio and can spell.   Its still no reason to meet some chick you’ve exchanged 10 blah messages with and no chemistry has popped with.  It’s just you buying drinks / coffee / food for a stranger.  Fade out if such is the case.  You will meet chicks on dating sites that you really click with – meet sooner than later, play it cool and don’t be a cling bomb.

Feminism: Why Your Dating Life Sucks

Ladies, does your dating life suck?  Are you sick of meeting timid beta males that can’t even muster the courage to give you a kiss after a date, let alone hold a decent conversation?

Are you sick of men with zero game on dating sites that do nothing but like your pictures like some weird stalker and then maybe send you a message asking “hi”?

How about the guy that can’t take rejection and curses you out when you voice your disinterest?

Well, this is all due to feminism – that cancerous movement that began in the 60’s that’s not only responsible for the 50% divorce rate, but also why you are single and extremely frustrated with your male options.  They have been neutered by pop culture media since birth to act like they do.  They think its how they are supposed to act.

Millennials aren’t interested in having sex. Here’s whose fault that is.

Media can tell you whatever it wants, but we still have instincts that cannot be changed, ever.  Men are attracted to feminine women that dress and act like ladies.  Women are attracted to masculine men, that can fix things, lift things, make decisions, take control, kill spiders while laughing and take care of you.

When these two core male and female traits get mixed up it spells disaster for relationships, culture, reproduction and understanding of the opposite sex.  Men – you need to turn off the TV and take back your masculinity and women you need to do the same – but this time start acting like a lady and not some male-hybrid, its extremely unattractive.

Feminism and online dating


Not just online dating, but dating and relationships in general – but in this case I focus on the digital realm because just like everything else, feminism has destroyed it too.

Its actually the nuclear wasteland of modern feminism.

Millions of men and women that have been pitted against each other by 30-40 years of feminism, and don’t even know the first thing about understanding each other – sending messages back and forth through online meat markets nationwide.

Since feminism has told women to not chase men on their values, accomplishments and merit – it’s become purely a picture and physical attraction game.

This is why the 5’2″ smurf chick demands a guy no shorter than 5’10”, but smurf hasn’t thought about her potential son being blessed with her short gene and being shunned all the same, it’s all about her!  I say potential son in the odd case she gets knocked up and keeps it – her “career” of scheduling meetings is far too important to disrupt by having a child.

The way it used to be

Men can’t get by on looks alone either!  Nope, that first message you send her better be Hunter S Thompson quality or you can fuck off!

Ok, ok – so you’re a good looking guy that has the ability to intrigue with words – good.  Now you can get dates, but you aren’t out of the woods yet.  Online date sites are filled with angry, clueless and miserable feminists that ultimately hate men and they “don’t even know why” they signed up.  As I posted before, their insides crave masculinity, but their belief system has an agenda here.

Women, no matter how hard they try are still extremely emotional beings that will cry if it rains out or the wind blows the wrong way, so many delete their accounts when a guy stops responding or doesn’t call her again after one date – too much to handle!  But the hundreds of messages, likes and winks from others can keep most going by inflating their ego, as well as their standards in the process.

It’s a fucking mess.

I didn’t just dream this up, I’ve been on over a hundred dates – the hard part for any man is to find the real feminine ladies in the haystack of feminist undesirable throwaways – and they are out there.

Be the man you were born to be, and bathe in those failure feminist tears good men.




Feminism is cancer – Part 1


When women stood up for the right to work and vote it had a meaning, what came after it has been disastrous.

The 1960’s was when “modern” feminism was born and all it has left in its path has been ruin and destruction.  First order of chaos?  The 50% divorce rate – and yeah, feminism is directly responsible for it.  Men are biologically wired to be attracted to feminine women (women that act like ladies).  Women are biologically wired to want masculine men.

Since the 60’s media has feminized men and masculinized women.  Women, more importantly “feminists” don’t even know this.  They preach, but most are single and miserable for this very reason – their insides tell them they want a real man, but their belief system has them thinking they want a feminized beta male that doesn’t know how to check the oil in his car and spends more time in front of a mirror than she does.

Men are just as confused, they watch a modern bullshit rom-com produced and directed by a clueless liberal beta male and think that’s how they’re supposed to get the girl, by being more of a woman than she is.  Over pursuing, treating her like a celebrity, showering her with compliments, stalking, treating dates like wedding anniversaries – and then they get angry when she picks the “bad boy” or “the asshole” instead because he’s the masculine one.  The movies always leave that part out and if they do include it, he’s a wife beater, druggie or some other demon.

So what has this led to in 2016?  Men and women that don’t understand each other, short term fabricated relationships based on looks alone that lead to failure, 50-60% divorce, n0body having kids anymore, 25+ year old millennial virgins that have less sex than their parents that live in said parents basement strapped with 75K in debt for a fake feminist directed degree that has no use.

I know what you’re thinking – how in the hell are feminists responsible for the current college and university mess?  Well, in the 60’s all of those hippies behind feminism couldn’t get regular jobs so they became teachers.  Back when they went to school, taught by the greatest generation, even if it was for an art degree, you’d come out with legit skills – not anymore.

Not only have they systematically destroyed the education system, if you drop down to public school they are also fucking their students on an almost epidemic basis.  Why?  Because the 14 year old boy still runs on biological instinct, he hasn’t been brainwashed by feminism which pushes women away – what they do attracts women.

Over time I will be making in-depth posts about the listed issues and more, so strap in and enjoy the ride!